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If you’re not working with the right person or clinic, there won’t be the expertise to ensure you’re maximizing the benefits of the devices and having comprehensive follow-up care to support your hearing journey.

These are some important questions to consider:

• Do you know who will be evaluating your hearing and/or making recommendations? What is their education and experience? If you don’t know the answer to this, you’re likely going to be seeing someone different every appointment. Continuity of care is crucial to success!

• Is the clinic locally-owned or owned by a large chain, corporation, or manufacturer? This will make a difference in terms of recommendations, costs, and options available!

• Does your insurance require a Registered Audiologist for reimbursement? Some third-party and private funders require the expertise of an Audiologist!

• What are the hours or availability of the clinician? Is the clinic full-time or part-time? There is a difference between being “open” and being available to book appointments.

• What manufacturers are available? If the clinic is owned by a manufacturer, they’ll typically only fit one.

• What is the cost involved? Is there a range of investment and different payment options available? If you’re seeing advertisements for a “free assessment” - it’s likely followed by devices that are over-priced to make up the difference.

These are some questions to ponder when choosing a clinic to support your hearing journey!💭🤔

Hearing care is healthcare. Hearing care is comprehensive. It’s important to understand exactly who you’re seeing/dealing with. Ask the hard questions!

We look forward to seeing you and answering these important questions at your next appointment!


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