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Over 60% of adults report hearing loss, tinnitus, or both conditions (Statistics Canada, 2022).

Many individuals do not seek an audiologist until concerns arise. However, research demonstrates the importance of annual hearing assessments and the benefits of having an audiologist on your healthcare team.

Annual diagnostic hearing assessments are crucial to monitor changes, make appropriate referrals, and re-prescribe amplification to ensure individuals are hearing their best!

Too often, we have patients enter Warman Hearing Clinic reporting their “last hearing assessment was when they purchased their hearing aids” (i.e., anywhere from 4-5 years ago)😖😧😔

As an audiologist, this is extremely concerning; consider this a red flag!🚩🚩🚩

Hearing care is healthcare. Hearing providers should provide a comprehensive care plan, including appropriate follow-ups and annual assessments. Ask yourself, “when was my last audiology appointment?” If it’s been over a year, or you’re having concerns, it’s time to make an appointment!


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